Digital Product Passport

Proof of Sustainability with Added Value for Companies and Customers

Full Transparency with the Digital Product Passport

Sustainable action and ecological responsibility along the entire supply chain are becoming increasingly important – and therefore also the demand for transparent traceability of products and materials. With the help of the Digital Product Passport, you can meet these requirements and store all relevant information about your products in a centralized manner. Consumers can easily access the data later on using their smartphone.

Joint Event at the Kunststoffmesse Düsseldorf:

Wallbox from LEONHARD KURZ and smartphone with Digital Product Passport accompanying the wallbox

What is the Digital Product Passport?

The Basis for Reliable Information

The Digital Product Passport summarizes data from all stages of the product life cycle. This includes information on raw materials, components, production conditions, and the CO2 balance, plus also on repairability, recyclability, and proper disposal. This means that all stakeholders – from retailers to consumers and repair companies – can find out the details that are relevant to them. Be among the pioneers in this field who are the first to introduce this innovative proof of sustainability!

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Advantages of the Digital Product Passport at a Glance:

  1. Transparent traceability
  2. Centralized product information
  3. Innovative solution with added value for consumers
Image of a smartphone app with information on the recyclability of a product

Proof of Sustainability Becomes a Key Feature

Setting the Course for the Future Today

With the Digital Product Passport, you are one step ahead of the competition and show your customers that you are taking their wishes and needs into account. This is because, for the first time, you are giving them the opportunity to easily obtain comprehensive information about how sustainable a product is – and ultimately to make an informed purchase decision.

In addition, with the Digital Product Passport, you are already optimally prepared for the upcoming EU Directive, which will oblige companies to provide all products with a detailed sustainability certificate.

Classic vs. Digital

What is Changing with the Digital Product Passport

Classic Product Labels

  • Data can only be stored and retrieved locally
  • Limited amount of information
  • Data cannot be updated
  • No uniform, cross-industry design
  • Additional features cannot be implemented

Digital Product Passport

  • Central data storage, information can be retrieved globally
  • Unlimited amount of product information can be stored
  • Saved information can be easily updated at any time
  • Digital solution can be used for every product and in every industry
  • Additional digital features (e.g., counterfeit protection) can be integrated
Close-up of a product label with QR code as a certificate of authenticity with bonus content

Certificate of Authenticity and Bonus Content

Exploiting the Wide Range of Possibilities of this Digital Solution

You can equip the Digital Product Passport with various additional functions to match your customers’ requirements. This makes it easy to integrate counterfeit-protected features with proven TRUSTCONCEPT® technology and with security solutions from our subsidiary SCRIBOS, or to enrich the Passport with digital marketing content and thus improve customer loyalty.

A Real-Life Example

Added Value for Winemakers and Connoisseurs

INFORM: Let your customers learn more about your grapes, the growing region, and how wine is made.

CONVINCE: Give consumers the confidence that they have a safe original product in their hands.

INSPIRE: Provide your customers with ideas and suggestions, e.g., on suitable recipes, and strengthen your relationship with them.

ValiGate® from SCRIBOS

Reliable Authentication in Seconds

ValiGate® from SCRIBOS can be easily integrated into the Digital Product Passport or used as a standalone solution. It offers double encryption including a unique security pattern with an intelligent structure. This gives each QR code a copy-protected identity. ValiGate® also bridges the gap between physical and digital product protection, as the authenticity of the product can be easily verified with a smartphone.

Discover the Digital Product Passport Live

  • Would you like to see the advantages of the Digital Product Passport for yourself and try out the new solution for yourself? In the coming weeks, you will have the opportunity to do just that!

KURZ and SCRIBOS at K 2022

  • October 19 to 26 in Düsseldorf
  • Stand E09 in Hall 5
  • Augmented reality highlight: Find out more about the advantages and possibilities of the Digital Product Passport with a virtual wallbox